Africa Exchange facilitates the sharing of information, ideas and resources across cultures to promote mutuality in relationships, resilience in communities, and the sustainability of natural environments



We envision vibrant cross-cultural relationships with thriving, resilient communities where love of God and neighbor extends to the benefit of all creation.



Engagement with specific marginalized communities in East Africa through:

  • support for holistic, integrated childhood development, 
  • local capacity building, 
  • promotion of appropriate technologies,
  • cross-cultural and service-learning opportunities,
  • conservation of critical ecosystems,

that reduces poverty, preserves environments, and sustains communities. 



Africa Exchange arises from an ethos and conviction that Love of God, Love of Self and Love of Neighbor are inextricably bound together and necessary for harmonious living.  Similarly, we try and practice an integral form of mission that does not attempt to separate the spiritual, psychological, physical, material or social aspects of our being, nor to pretend that we are somehow separate from the earth we inhabit.  It is our sincere hope and desire that our actions and activities will celebrate and uphold the dignity and value of all of creation. 

Non-discrimination policy

Africa Exchange seeks to live out its mandate by following the ‘golden rule,’ namely, to treat others as you would have them treat you.  Our ethos demands that we love all the people that God loves, which is everyone.  We believe all people, regardless of their particular race, religion, nationality, gender, orientation, health status or other life situation, has been endowed with inherent dignity and specific gifts that will enrich humanity.  As such, employees and the individuals and communities we serve are treated with the same dignity that is already theirs.



Africa Exchange is a US registered non-profit organization, 501(c)3, also registered in Nairobi, Kenya. Follow the link below for verification purposes:



The work of Africa Exchange is made possible through the generous support of numerous individuals and organizations. We benefit from and our work is enhanced by association with key partners among whom are the following: