Contribute to our 20/20 Anniversary Challenge that will enable Africa Exchange to:

Extend our Vision, Deepen our Impact


As we look toward a future built on the firm foundation of 20 years of impact, we recognize the need to extend our vision toward our hoped-for future.  To accomplish this, we need you!


Join our 20x20 Anniversary Challenge. Our goals:

  1. Raising $100,000 from individuals like you who have generously supported this work that has impacted so many.
  2. The Africa Exchange board of directors will match your gifts up to $100,000!  That makes $200,000!
  3. We identify organizational/foundation/corporate support to match that $200,000.  That makes $400,000!

By 2020 we will be poised to DEEPEN OUR IMPACT among the communities we serve.  Here’s how:

  • Develop a ‘Trees for Life’ project through our Environmental Impact program for restoration of indigenous forest cover and agroforestry inputs in our areas of operation country-wide, enhancing food security and protecting watershed. 
  • Establish an endowment that will support indigenous leadership of our programs and operations into the future.
  • Expand the ‘Scholars’ project of our Change for Children program, providing fees for select secondary school students and an annual university scholarship.
  • Promote formation and training support for Self-help Groups through our Development Initiatives for poverty reduction in partner communities.
  • Enhance water and sanitation efforts by focusing on household rainwater harvesting and composting toilets that convert waste to organic fertilizer.
  • Nurture relationships with 14 communities through our Kutana program, through service learning and asset-based support of established Integrated Child Development Centers and related projects.

Celebrating 20 Years of Impact

  • Construction and establishment of a health clinic, dental unit, vocational training school and farm center in partnership with Baptist Convention of Kenya at Baptist Children's Center
  • Establishment, management, training and handover of Kids to Kids informal day center for street children in Nairobi with ACK Christ Church
  • Establishment of  6 appropriate off-grid power sources from solar, wind and generator, to build capacity of partner projects
  • Income generating projects for sustainability  in multiple communities including greenhouses (4), fish ponds (2), apiaries (4), kitchen gardens (6), goat herds (2) and income from water projects (4).
  • Establishment of 12 community self-help groups in project locations
  • Over 60 facilitated cross-cultural engagement groups with partner organizations including Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and sister institutions, Passport, Inc., Mercer University and numerous CBF affiliated church partners
  • 14 Integrated Child Development Centers (ICDCs) and related units established in 8 provinces of Kenya, working in conjunction with communities to provide teacher training/early childhood education, and bolster local participation, ownership, and involvement. 
  • Over 1000 preschool children educated and fed daily since 2006, as well as provided with vitamin supplements, deworming, mosquito nets and clean water 
  • Our ICDC unit successes have unleashed the power of community assets, resulting in the establishment of 5 full primary schools managed entirely by local communities in conjunction with established department of education norms.
  • 12 primary school graduates provided with scholarships for secondary education plus 3 full university scholarships in the areas of agriculture, nursing and commerce.
  • 5 comprehensive community water projects from wind and solar powered borehole pumps, supplying 50,000 liters of stored water daily plus 180 household water purification units of various types (bio-sand, solar, cartridge).
  • 4 suspended bridges constructed over dangerous rivers across Kenya in partnership with BTGA